The Power of Reviews

Jul 17, 2015

Reputation management

A reputation is earned, and it can be a bumpy road. We all make mistakes, and businesses are no exception. Most of us have made missteps on social media, but they’re harder to blow off and forget about when it’s your business that’s taking the heat. Reputations are fragile things, but damage can, in most cases, be repaired. Don’t lose hope!

Aside from social media gaffes, there are other ways to tarnish your reputation—poor customer service, association with other businesses with poor reputations, product recalls, and negative reviews. The last is especially worthy of concern because so many people rely on customer reviews to determine their purchases these days. One has only to go to, type in your company, and see for themselves whether you’re worth their time or not.

A few ways you can fluff up your reputation and get more business:

-Include positive testimonials on your website
-Make sure your company’s info is correct and consistent on all social media platforms
-Have a consistent brand message across the web

A 2014 Local Consumer Review Survey showed that 88% of consumers read and trust reviews in order to judge the quality and integrity of a business in their vicinity. Many small businesses are slacking when it comes to getting reviews, but you don’t have to be “many small businesses.” Stand out, be seen, and, most important, convince consumers why you’re the brand they’re looking for. Encourage your established customers to rate and review your business, and be sure to tell them where to go to do that.

Once you’ve collected some positive reviews, you can use those to help with your advertising. After all, a business doesn’t amount to much without its customers.

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