SEO: The Map to Your Business’s Online Presence

Jul 30, 2015


SEO: A Vital Part of your Business’s Online Presence

In the age of technology, we are more connected than ever before. Consumers are searching online for where they should eat their next meal or buy their next piece of clothing. Therefore, it is critical that businesses have a strong digital marketing strategy. This includes integrating SEO that is backed up by a strong presence on social media and relevant content that appeals to consumers.


Search engine optimization makes sure your name is seen online. SEO brings your website higher up on the list of results when keywords are searched on Google or Bing, and really acts as the backbone to your entire online strategy. Keywords and tags are important to use when creating a blog post so that engines will pick them up and list your website when it is relevant to someone’s search.

Social Media

Social media is where brand names are built or destroyed. This is due to the direct interaction between the brand and their customers. Businesses can get a feel of who their customers are and what they want and use that information to adapt their brand to their customer’s needs. When customers see they are appreciated and have a relationship with a business, they will be loyal to your brand and will spread your name around. This is the moment you no longer have just a customer; you now have a brand advocate. Plus social media is a great way to present value tied to a call to action that redirects users to your website. This adds to your seo, keeping your brand in the spotlight.


Once you have a strong idea of who your target audience is, you need to create content that is catered toward them so that they stay on your website or Facebook page. To generate traffic and boost SEO, you must make sure your business puts out content that customers find interesting and is geared toward them. Remember to be unique and stay up to date with marketing trends in order to gain interest and more importantly keep that interest going.

Digital marketing has become a huge aspect for many businesses. If you don’t put the time and effort into SEO and everything that goes along with it, how would you expect people to find your business? However, if you make sure you have a strong presence and brand online then people will start to take notice, creating an opportunity for your company to grow.

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