SEO vs PPC: Why SEO Is Better Than PPC

Aug 20, 2015

seo vs ppc

Increasing page views on your website is a surefire way to get a better return-on-investment (ROI). But how do you guarantee a well-trafficked website? Time and money of course. I’m not sure if it’s an “age-old question”, but since the rise of digital marketing one topic has been bandied about from time to time. Which is better for boosting online traffic: SEO or PPC?

Search Engine Optimization, known by its acronym SEO, is constantly competing with Pay-Per-Click, aka PPC. One costs more money up front, the other costs more time. While both tools each have their pros and cons, SEO has several advantages over PPC.

SEO Is Trustworthy

In a digital marketing popularity contest, SEO takes the cake. PPC is the somewhat shady-looking runner-up. Why? Because today’s culture is becoming more tech savvy. If someone searches “online cruise booking” they are going to be more cautious of the top few results with “ad” plastered in the corner in bright yellow. Odds are, they’ll probably skip right over those results and go to the ones right under them. The ones, more likely than not, that have used SEO boost their search placement.

In general, web users don’t want to click on ads. Every day we are bombarded by ads so much so that we become susceptible to “banner blindness”, visually tuning out ads on a webpage just to get to the content you are looking for.

PPC Gets Pricey–And At A Cost

One of the main differences between PPC and SEO is that you need a solid cash flow for PPC. You pay to target your ads around a specific keyword or set of keyword, and when you cut off the payment plan, there goes your ad.

However, SEO is more about building a better brand, so you’re not continually shelling out money for your ad.Yes, it takes longer and it’s arguably harder than simply forking over the cash for a well-placed space via Google AdWords. But when you start creating interesting content that attracts your viewers and starts being shown on other websites, it will be more valuable to you than using PPC, and harder to take away.

Any Last Words?

At the end of the day, increasing traffic to your website comes down to an investment–would you rather it be time or money?

Like many a high school essay, let’s conclude. SEO is far more trusted and cost-effective than PPC as an online marketing tool. Web users know the difference between paid ads and actual results in a search, and are likely to trust the latter. And while you may spend many a long night crafting content for your website, you’ll be repaid in spades when your website is attracting more traffic without you paying an arm and a leg.

What do you think? Leave comments below if you wish to partake in the SEO vs PPC debate, and whether or not you believe SEO should win!

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