In the world of SEO, Content is king

Jul 13, 2015

Content in SEO

Content is the foundation of good SEO

Optimizing your website for better search results isn’t as cold and methodical as you’d think—with recent Google’s algorithm changes, search engines have evolved so that rankings depend less on SEO tricks and more on quality content that connects with consumers and their interests.

You could say that content-driven SEO is a more honest and sincere approach to reaching a larger audience; instead of stuffing keywords into every chunk of text and trawling for links, you need to work to create professionally-written content that is credible, informative, and, above all, relevant to your target audience. Part of the process of delving further into content-driven SEO is rejecting the idea that your website is a priority for your consumers, and embracing the idea that it must have relevance.

In order to achieve relevance, you need to drop the competitive attitude and become a cooperative player in the SEO game. Network with the insiders of your respective industry. Communicate with competitors. Be smart, research your topics. Encourage feedback from consumers to boost engagement and nab some inbound links.

You want to establish yourself as not only an authority in your field, but as a living, breathing organization that cares about its consumers and makes an earnest effort to serve them.

Blogs are becoming a necessity for websites everywhere, and it is in your best interest to include one on yours. This prevents your site from being dull and unchanging, and encourages customers to come back again and again to see what you’re up to next. A blog also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate expertise in your industry and be a go-to source for relevant information. Cultivating a reputation of reliability takes time, but the returns—respect from industry peers and consumers alike, a wide distribution of links around the web, and an even larger audience—are completely worth it.

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